Automatic Milk Collection System Helps Secure Data and Earn Profitable Returns


Security of data in today’s world is very crucial. We always want our private information to be kept confidential and free of unauthorized access. So was the fundamental requirement of farmers in Randala village who are in the milk production business since many years.

Randala Milk Producing Cooperative Society (RMPCS) is a milk collection center situated in Randala village falling under Mehsana district of Gujarat. It is a cooperative society where farmers deposit all the milk collected after milking their cattle. The process involves collecting milk brought by farmers and paying them on the basis of milk quality, fat and SNF content present in milk, and its density. The wage structure remains fixed for all the farmers but the values obtained after milk analysis determine the amount to be paid to each farmer. The procedure being followed seemed to be trouble-free until the farmers began facing serious issues related to their payment. They complained that their data was being manipulated due to which they were receiving a lesser amount of payment. The rise in the number of complaints led to the dissatisfaction of farmers. Following such outburst, the members of RMPCS decided to roll back the conventional system they had been using for these many years and came up with an idea to introduce an automatic system which could do away with such glitches.

In order to implement their idea, they met officials of Prompt Group and discussed the issues they had been facing. As a part of a solution, the officials installed Automatic Milk Collection System (AMCS) that automates the process of milk collection process along with the provision of Farmers App, an android application exclusively designed for farmers to keep track of their business. It’s been quite a long time they have been using AMCS and since then, they haven’t returned with a problem. When quizzed about their feedback on AMCS, they were quick to mention, “The milk producers involved with us feel ecstatic while using the services provided by AMCS. They are able to view entire milk production data on regular intervals say weekly, monthly and yearly. Their data is now secure and cannot be tampered with which was earlier a shortcoming. They receive SMS notifications whenever any transaction is done with milk society. A summary of the account balance is also maintained. Our customers are delighted and we are satisfied with the services provided by Prompt Group and recommend the same to others too.”

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