How AMCS (Automatic Milk Collection System) Digitized the Manual Milk Collection Process in Gozaria


Gozaria Milk Producing Cooperative Group Ltd. (GMPCL) is a milk producing and collection center situated in Mehsana, Gujarat. They have been in the business ever since India achieved independence, serving the farmers and their families with long term employment. They believe, farmers are an important asset of the country. Their goal is to provide better and comfortable life and convenient services to their farmers.

GMPCL had been doing all the activities manually starting from measuring the amount of milk brought by farmers, calculating the fat content in milk and subsequently deciding the amount of money to be paid to them for their milk. But manual measurement and calculation used to vary because of lack of precision and accuracy, making farmers unsatisfied due to absence of transparency. As a result, GMPCL were struggling to provide a seamless experience to their farmers. They needed a way to regain the faith of farmers and provide them with fair due of payment.

Prompt Group allows GMPCL to make the entire process of milk collection transparent. Thanks to its product AMCS (Automatic Milk CollectionSystem) providing central database and record management system that facilitates live monitoring of changes in milk price, accurate measurement of milk and it's fat content, calculating exact price for their milk automatically and saving a lot of time; building deeper and faithful relations with farmers. GMPCL has been using AMCS for over two decades now to automate complete milk collection process.

Prompt Group has helped GMPCL to generate comparatively higher average collection value. Their goal of delighting their farmers with effortless service is now simpler to achieve than ever. They are so satisfied and happy with AMCS software that its extensive and vast usage has made the monitor screens get a backdrop of AMCS software background which is clearly visible even when the monitor is switched off. They recommend AMCS to others also.

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