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Recently, our team from Prompt Group learnt from a reliable source that a village named Kada sited in Visnagar district of Gujarat, has been prospering due to its elite dairy business there. And a surprising fact for us to know was that they consider AMCS to be their stepping stone to success.

Kada Milk Producing Cooperative Society (KMPCS) is a central milk collection point for the farmers of Kada village. They are following this business for some years now and have taken it on top by incorporating AMCS software that helps them automate milk production and collection process completely. AMCS is an Automatic Milk Collection Software developed by Prompt Group in Ahmedabad that automates milk collection process and related transactions. It is a central data management system for data analysis and milk production estimation. Prompt’s AMCS software aims to digitalize the rural parts of India, that is, the villages and connect them on a single platform. This will in turn help improve social and economic growth of rural India, and hence the country.

In an excerpt from the interview taken with the chief secretary of KMPCS Mr. Amritbhai Patel, he sates, “Our business of milk collection has become very easy to manage. Because of diverse services provided by AMCS, we are able to extend awareness among milk producers and consumers. The SMS services lent by the software is impressive. With the use of Farmers App, milk producers can acquire all milk details like amount of milk they produce each day, fat and SNF content in their milk, details of all their transactions done by milk society, balance amount in their account and ongoing milk trends. All this information can be obtained on weekly, monthly or yearly basis. They also receive notifications of how much amount they will be paid for their milk. All these features offered by AMCS fit appropriately in modern world. It has helped save us comparatively much time in performing transactions. And I would recommend other milk societies too to deploy this software for their welfare.”

They have been successful in providing a good source of revenue to the farmers and earned huge profit in their business. Their aim is to provide a stable life to all farmers and make every effort to safeguard their prosperity.

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