Short Story: How Automatic Milk Collection System Helped Them to Earn Huge Benefits


While visiting different villages in Rajkot to collect feedback about Prompt  AMCS, we were compelled to make an unexpected halt at Som Pipalia village because we couldn't resist their overwhelming response for Prompt AMCS.
Som Pipalia is a small village that falls under Rajkot district in Gujarat. It comprises of a milk collection center named Som Pipalia Milk Producing Cooperative Society (SPMPCS). The unique fact to know about this milk society is that it is run by the women of this village. They are into this business for over a decade now and plan to expand it by incorporating a few high-tech devices and software and prosper in this profession. They have already begun their journey to prosperity by integrating Prompt AMCS in their day to day activities of milk collection. Until then, they had been executing the activities manually. The society members were not facing any issues as such but they soon realized the need to bring in automation to all these activities. After doing a lot of market research, they finally settled on Prompt AMCS software which they found to be completely appropriate to suit their requirements.
Prompt Automatic milk collection software is a software designed and developed by Prompt Group that automates daily milk collection process. The process includes collecting milk brought by farmers, measuring fat and SNF content in it, analyze milk quality, calculate the amount on the basis of ongoing rates of milk and the given parameter values and pay the final amount to the farmer. Prompt officials installed this software in their systems and this what the chief secretary of SPMPCS has to say about automatic milk collection system, "We decided to install AMCS software because it suits all our requirements. It relieves us from manual work and at the same time gives us all the benefits of automation. Our society members and customers are delighted while using VDCS app and Farmers App respectively. The SMS service provided is also helpful. They are able to see all the milk and related transaction details and also keep track of their business. Prompt AMCS makes the milk collection process smooth and fast. We are thankful to Prompt Group for developing this product and helping rural people like us to stay digitally connected to the dairy industry and hence this country."

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  1. good work and aske about applied it in Egypt and the price for the system