Success Story : SejalBen - A Woman Dairy Farmer Who is an Inspiration for All

"Women empowerment is the way to country's development."


Harsidhnagar Women Milk Cooperative Society in Pimpli village of Palanpur region is earning an annual turnover of over Rs. 2.6 Crores. And the credit for the same goes to Sejalben who’s the chairman of the milk society. Though, she holds an MA and B.Ed. Degree and could have easily pursued a career in teaching; she chose to step into an entirely different field like milk business. From collecting customers’ milk to fat testing, recording milk data in the system and providing animal feed to them, she does everything by herself. Currently, there’re 100 members enrolled in the society, and about 2500 Litres of milk is collected every day.
Approximately, Rs. 22 Lakh is paid to the milk producers per month. Sejalben is a native of Der village and lives with her in-laws at Pimple village. She wakes up early morning to commence her duties at the milk society and works till 10:00 AM. Later, at 3:00 PM, she drives her son to Palanpur for his cricket coaching which is 10 KM far. Then, she returns to the society at 6:00 PM to continue her job at the milk society. She fulfils all her responsibilities on time which has gained her immense respect from the members as well as the village people.

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