How Automatic Milk Collection System Gives Marla Farmers Right Value of Milk



Prompt Automatic Milk Collection System (AMCS)

Automation, so far, has been the most significant boon for the dairy industry. Not only have the operations become rapid, but there has also been a remarkable increase in the production capacity, sales and overall turnover. Digitization through extensive use of technologies has helped the dairy farmers, milk cooperative societies, and milk federations to boost their milk collection and procurement processes. Owing to the features offered by Prompt Automatic Milk Collection System (AMCS), their milk business has been flourishing like never before. Let’s see what Jignesh Patel, the chairman of Marla Milk Producing Cooperative Society in Valsad has to say about his experience with Prompt AMCS.

The milk collection software accurately tests milk fat and SNF, stores records, and calculates the right value of milk brought by farmers.
  • All the farmers who are connected with the milk society receive messages on their phones with details of shift-wise milk sale.
  • Farmers can view their milk balance account, passbook and overall milk data sheet comprising details of their milk sale, remuneration obtained, profit, loss, bank balance, etc. in Farmers App.
  • The farmers can find their monthly milk records like milk quantity, Fat & SNF, milk rates, payment received, etc. allowing them to analyze their milk business.
  • The Automatic Milk Collection System generated milk slips are given away to the farmers that contains information such as milk type & quantity, total payment, shift, and time of milk collection while maintaining a daily record of milk collection.
  • They also receive notifications on their phones whenever their data are recorded/modified that helps them keep track of their milk business.
  • Earlier, it used to take days for the society operators to record data manually in registers. But with Prompt AMCS, they can store data on a computer within thirty minutes. Hence, data recording process has become easy and quick.
  • The milk collection software generates various analytical reports Purchase Summary, Member List, Payment Report, account report, milk bill, etc.


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