See How Automatic Milk Collection System Helps Ratanpura Make It Big


With automation ruling all the industrial sectors, people are exploring more and different ways to capitalize on technology to empower their business and enhance customer experience. So has been done by the Indian Dairy industry to establish a ground for sustainable development and confer more opportunities to the dairy farmers. And Prompt Automatic Milk Collection System (AMCS) is the harbinger of digitization in the dairy industry. Post installing the milk collection software in their cooperative milk societies, the society operators and farmers have seen observed a high growth in their milk business and profit. Let’s hear it from the chairman of Shri Ratanpura Milk Cooperative Society (established in 1975) in Deesa Taluka about his experience post installing Prompt AMCS at his milk society.

How Automatic Milk Collection System Helped Them to Earn Huge Benefits
  1. AMCS provides an online system to record data which is good. Recording data has never been as quick and simple as now. Besides, the chances of committing mistakes have reduced dramatically.
  2. All the farmers receive immediate SMS notifications on their mobile phones whenever their milk data are recorded/modified. They can view all their milk data, analyze trends, and track their profit in Farmers App which is a part of AMCS as a solution.
  3. The milk software has established connectivity with Prompt Cloud where data are securely stored and provides role-based authenticated access to it. Hence, there are no issues of data pilferage or alteration.
  4. Customer-wise and society-wise messages are printed on milk slips. It helps in spreading social awareness amongst farmers and milk society operators. Hence, there’s no more need to maintain separate systems for testing, storing or calculating milk rates.
  5. The on-field service engineers are skilled and technically sound. Whatever be the query, they visit the milk society and resolve all of them within 24 hours. Such quick response helps in society operators quickly get on to daily tasks without much delay.
  6. It has become easy to detect and eradicate malpractices causing data fabrication and irregularity in payments to farmers.
  7. If in any case, society’s data is lost, it can be recovered from Prompt Cloud. It, so far, is the best feature that has taken away all the worries regarding data loss.
  8. All the customers are happy and satisfied with the facilities provided by Prompt AMCS.
  9. Farmers are happy with the timely payments they receive directly in their bank accounts. They don’t have to maintain special logs of income and expenditure as everything is displayed in the Farmers App.


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