Gain Unparalleled Benefits with Automatic Milk Collection System


In the past several years, the global dairy industry has made notable progress in capitalizing technology, software, and even Artificial Intelligence for improving the quality and quantity of milk production. There are an array of tools and equipment available in the market today that significantly automate the dairy farming operations, increase productivity and yield greater farm and economic output. So what are these products and solutions that are causing a digital shift in dairy farming? Well, there’re many while one of the most prominent being Automatic Milk Collection System (AMCS). It is a dairy software that is implemented at cooperative milk societies in villages to automate milk collection and milk testing (Fat & SNF measurement) processes. AMCS solution is developed to extirpate glitches that existed at different phases of the dairy supply chain. AMCS aims to give the right value of milk to the dairy farmers and streamline the operations of milk collection and procurement carried out by the dairy industry. Here, we write about some of the benefits extended by the milk collection software.

Benefits to Farmers:

  1. AMCS enables automatic testing of milk. It is quick and reliable as it alerts the farmers if their milk data are modified or tampered with. Hence, this feature allows farmers to obtain the right value for their milk and earn fair payment for the same.
  2. The milk software is integrated with a cloud system. The data obtained from milk testing and rates so calculated are securely stored in the AMCS cloud which supports role-based and authorized access only.
  3. Farmers App is a product and part of AMCS solution. The Farmers App is used by the dairy farmers where they can see all their milk data, chart, rates, analytics, and reports that are synchronized and fetched from the AMCS cloud. It imparts transparency between farmers, milk societies and milk unions and at all levels of dairy supply chain.
  4. AMCS provides a technological solution to the challenges faced by the dairy farmers and establishes a common digital platform to raise and communicate their concerns to the dairy officials. It not only helps the milk producers to obtain the right solution for all their problems but also build trust between them and the milk union.
  5. The milk collection software enables cashless payments by which the farmers obtain payments through direct linking with their banks. It is, therefore, an exceptional step toward digitization of dairy industry.

Benefits to VDCS (Village Dairy Cooperative Society):

  1. AMCS provides a single software to VDCSs for recording and accounting milk data. Hence, the dairy software has done away with the need to maintain separate systems for milk testing, storing data or calculating milk rates.
  2. By data integrity feature lent by AMCS cloud, the dairy farmers, VDCS operators and milk union personnel can get secure access to consistent data from any location.
  3. AMCS software provides Auto-upgrade facility and Remote Desktop Utility to the milk societies that dramatically reduces the cost of field visits.
  4. As AMCS automates the milk collection process, more milk samples can be tested in less time, thereby, collecting more milk, improving productivity, increasing overall profit at VDCS level.

Benefits to Milk Unions:

  1. Earlier, there was hardly any way farmers could share their troubles and concerns with the dairy officials. However, with the introduction of AMCS, a single digital platform for information sharing and communication has been established.
  2. With all the data collected and stored in the cloud, the milk union officials can utilize the information to make predictive analysis and better, informed decisions using Business Intelligence. This can help the milk union personnel to foresee any future hitches and find ways to address the same beforehand.
  3. Data from all the VDCSs and their respective inventories connected with the particular union can be collected and analyzed in real-time by the milk union personnel.
  4. With such automation and transparency infused at all phases of milk supply chain, it has become easy to detect and eliminate malpractices that cause data falsification and irregularity in payments to farmers.


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